Our Story

At Chocaletta, we love chocolate, but we also care about where our food comes from and how it is sourced. Luckily for us, there are some amazing ethical chocolate brands to choose from.

In our search for good ethical chocolate, we found that availability in many shops was limited, with little choice of brands or varieties. Even buying a selection online wasn’t easy. So, we figured that the best way to get the selection we wanted would be to sell it ourselves! And with our existing business so badly affected by Covid-19, we decided that 2020 was the year to make it happen!

After some hard work and support from the lovely chocolate brands we sell, we are really pleased to be open for business!

We launched Chocaletta to make buying great tasting ethical chocolate easy. We also wanted to make it easy to send chocolate as gifts and to help people discover new flavours and brands by offering monthly chocolate subscriptions.

We really hope you enjoy the chocolate we sell, as much as we enjoyed tasting it! We’re a small family run business, and we are continually looking for new ideas and ways to improve. So please do contact us with any ideas or suggestions.