LetterBox Deliveries

If you are worried that you'll miss a delivery, you can choose a letterbox delivery at check-out.

Choose your delivery

As well as loving chocolate, we also love dogs! Chocolate, particulary high cocoa chocolate, is harmful to dogs. Therefore our standard deliveries are made in boxes that typically won't fit through a letterbox. But, if you would like us to send your order in a letterbox size box, just select the option at check-out to let us know. 

Depending on your order size and the chocolate you've chosen, if possible, we'll pack your order in boxes that are either approximately 20mm or 30mm deep, which will fit through a typical modern UK letterbox. As all chocolate sizes are different, we can't guarantee we can fit your order in a letterbox size box, however if we can we will! Just please don't order this size if you or your receipient has a dog that would be likely to eat your order!

To discuss specific requirements, please contact us at hello@chocaletta.co.uk