Online Chocolate Tasting

There's more to tasting chocolate than you might think! Why not join one of our online chocolate tasting workshops to learn more?

Join the Academy of Chocolate awards’ judge, Joy Skipper, for hints and tips on how to get the most out of tasting your chocolate and recognising great flavour balance. 

With a delicious mix of ethically sourced dark and milk chocolate bars, Joy will explain how to identify flavours and textures, and the art of chocolate tasting.

Each live online tasting session will include 6-7 quality bars to try and is a great excuse to treat yourself to some delicious chocolate! This is an interactive workshop, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on every chocolate too. Tasting sets also include Joy's online tasting workshop, a flavour wheel and tasting notes.

Workshops can be arranged on demand for a mimimum of ten people and are perfect for corporate events, team meetings, clubs or just for a group of friends. 

For more information email